BY-RIGHT/BY-DESIGN Exhibition at WUHO Gallery

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LA Forum Events @ WUHO

WUHO Gallery / 6518 Hollywood Boulevard / Fri – Sun, 12 – 5pm / May 31 – August 4, 2013

The exhibition examines design precedents by Irving Gill, Rudolph Schindler, Gregory Ain (Ain, Johnson and Day), Robert Alexander (Wilson, Merrill and Alexander), Raymond Kappe, and Koning Eizenberg Architecture. Related development types include Single Family Tract Housing, House Courts, Fourflats, Garden Apartments, Dingbat Apartments and Podium Apartments. Contemporary examples that extend the lessons learned from these historical works are also included, highlighting projects by William Adams Architects, The Heyday Partnership, Killefer Flammang Architects, Modative, Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects, Predock_Frane Architects, PSL Architects, Tomko Woll Group Architects, and Workplays studio*architecture.

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